Learn About MobileMiner Apps and API


The MobileMiner apps allow you to remotely monitor and control your Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other crypto-currency mining rigs. Setup is simple and there are no firewall changes or port-forwarding required.


MobileMiner is powered by an openly available and documented REST API, allowing the authors of mining software to quickly and easily add support for remote monitoring and control.

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Getting Started

Getting Started with MobileMiner

To get started monitoring your mining with MobileMiner, you will first need one of the MobileMiner apps installed on your mobile device. Visit the Apps section for links to our mobile apps.

Once you have installed and launched one of the MobileMiner apps you will be greeted by a Sign Up screen. Simply enter your email address and click Sign Up. Your MobileMiner application key will be emailed to you. Once you have received your application key you can Sign In to the MobileMiner app.

The final step is to install and configure compatible mining software. Current options include MultiMiner for Windows, Asteroid for Mac, and the BFGMobileAdapter Python script. Refer to the settings found in each application for entering both your MobileMiner email address and application key.


Links to Mobile Apps


The HTML5 application for MobileMiner makes it simple and intuitive to monitor and control your mining machines right from any browser. It also features Charts, a Dashboard, the ability to Share Statistics, and API Access to Statistics.

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Our iOS application is available for download from the Apple App Store. It's a universal app supporting iPhones, iPods and iPads running iOS 5.0 and greater.



The Android application is available on the Google Play store. It supports phones and both 7" and 10" tablets running Android 2.3 and up.


Windows Phone

Our native Windows Phone application is now available on the Windows Phone store. It supports Windows Phone 7.1, 7.8, 8.0 and 8.1 devices.



Compatible Mining Software

In order to use MobileMiner you will need to use a compatible miner on your PC or Mac. There are several compatible miners available and - with the openly available API - we anticipate wider support in the future.


Asteroid aims to be an easy-to-use Bitcoin and Litecoin miner for the Mac. Utilizing a full complement of Mac OS X technologies alongside the built-in cgminer backend, you can be mining crypto currencies in no time at all.



BFGMobileAdapter is a simple Python Script to take data from the BFGMiner RPC and send it to the MobileMiner REST API. Right now this script only posts data to the API for monitoring and does not allow for remote Miner control. It is currently set for a time-interval of 30 seconds between POSTs to the API. This is configurable from within the script.



CGMinerMobileAdapter is a simple Python Script to take data from the BFGMiner and/or CGMiner RPC and send it to the MobileMiner REST API. The script includes remote commands support and has been tested on BAMT, CGMiner and its forks (VertMiner, SGMiner).


CoinTerra Monitor

This Python script monitors the CoinTerra Bitcoin Miners for errors, sends emails with the CoinTerra log files attached, and will reboot the CoinTerra machine.



Simple like iOS, yet powerful like a Mac, MacMiner gives you all the options from setting up with nothing more than a BTC or LTC address to the ability to edit the raw config files for bfgminer and cgminer.



MinePeon is an excellent Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi aimed at Bitcoin mining using USB ASICs. The MinePeon Addons repository provides additional, optional modules for MinePeon including support for the MobileMiner API.



Minera is a complete system to manage and monitor your GridSeed devices. It features device autodetection, device autotuning, on-the-fly pool switching and much more.



MultiMiner is a graphical application for crypto-coin mining. MultiMiner simplifies switching individual devices (GPUs, ASICs, FPGAs) between crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. It also has features such as re-launching crashed miners and automatically mining the most profitable coins.



SAntViewer is an Open Source app for monitoring AntMiners – specifically S1s – using the CGMiner API. Features include AntMiner monitoring, rebooting, mass-rebooting, and more.


API Docs

Using the MobileMiner API

Miner authors can easily add support for the MobileMiner REST API. The minimal network call required is a simple HTTP POST to send mining statistics. If you choose to support remote commands, this takes only the combination of a single HTTP GET and HTTP DELETE. Documentation of these API calls are below, as well as a form to request an API key.

To get started you will need your API key. Next, you will need to add a series of UI controls in your mining software that allow the user to enter an email address, application key, and choose to enable remote monitoring and/or remote commands.

Finally, download and register one of the available MobileMiner apps. With your API key, along with the email address and application key used to register MobileMiner, you can begin making calls to the MobileMiner REST API.

Root URL



Submitting statistics from your own miner or script requires a single HTTP POST to the URL specified below. The body of the request should be JSON formatted as shown below.


{Root URL}/MiningStatisticsInput?emailAddress={Email Address}&applicationKey={Application Key}&apiKey={API Key}


You should send a single HTTP POST for all machines on your network - not one POST per machine. You can use the MachineName property on the JSON request to specify the name of each machine.


The MinerName property must be specified and should be the name of the mining software or script that is calling the MobileMiner API. It should not be the name of the machine, which is specified in the MachineName property.


The MobileMiner API makes it easy for you to send notifications (both Push and Email) from your mining software to your users. By sending a simple HTTP POST request with a JSON payload you can start pushing notifications to your users without having to setup Email or Push notification gateways or servers.


{Root URL}/NotificationsInput?emailAddress={Email Address}&applicationKey={Application Key}&apiKey={API Key}
"Version 2.0 of my Miner Software is available",
"Pool abcd.com is down"


Using the MobileMiner API you can easily post a simple list of pools that your mining software has configured. By providing MobileMiner with this list, the MobileMiner apps will allow your users to switch pools from their smart phones and browsers.

See the Commands section for more information on supporting pool switching.


{Root URL}/PoolsInput?emailAddress={Email Address}&applicationKey={Application Key}&machineName={Machine Name}&apiKey={API Key}


If you would like to support remote commands in your software or scripts you will need to first submit an HTTP GET, then process the JSON response, and finally submit an HTTP DELETE to delete the remote command. Current CommandText values are limited to START, STOP, RESTART and SWITCH.

The SWITCH command is used to allow switching pools and requires you to also support the Pools API section documented above. The SWITCH command will be followed by a pipe character and then the pool name.


{Root URL}/RemoteCommands?emailAddress={Email Address}&applicationKey={Application Key}&machineName={Machine Name}&apiKey={API Key}


{Root URL}/RemoteCommands?emailAddress={Email Address}&applicationKey={Application Key}&machineName={Machine Name}&commandId={Command Id}&apiKey={API Key}


Request an API Key


An API key is only required by developers who want to submit statistics from their own software or scripts to the MobileMiner API. An API key is not required to use the MobileMiner apps.

To get started with the MobileMiner REST API you will need an API key. Enter your email address below to have an API key generated and sent to you.

Once you have received your API key you can begin consuming the MobileMiner API.


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